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Zero Service Charge Offer

This offer is valid for 2021, subject to travel restrictions within Italy being lifted by July.

Do you want to buy an apartment or house but don't want to pay the Ground Rent & Service Charges?

It could be done!

We can put you in touch with respectable Italian rental Agency that offers to rent your property from you in July and August and, in return, they will refund your yearly Ground Rent & Service Charge back to you.*


Yes, it's that simple!

Please check out a few simple requirements below, which must be met in order for you to qualify for this amazing offer:

- property must be furnished, including sofa bed (or sofa + temporary bed) in living room.
- two sets of bed linen for each bed, 1 blanket for each bed and two sets of 3 towels for each person must be provided.
- full set of kitchenware must be provided.
- three sets of keys must be provided.
- one lockable wardrobe must be present (to store your personal belongings) and one wardrobe for use of tenants must
be provided.
- property must have at least one air conditioning unit installed.
- property must have at least one of each: TV, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, smoke detector (we can help you to buy
them for small fee).
- you must let us know before 1st of April each year if you wish to rent your apartment in the summer and you must provide
us with ready property photos before this date.

If your property does not have some of the above mentioned, but you wish to take advantage of this offer, please

contact us and we can help you to get it ready for the next season!

*This offer depends on your property location. Please contact us to find out if your property qualifies for this offer. Yearly and ongoing bills still need to be paid by you. Agency that rents apartments reserves rights to withdraw this offer at any time with minimum 2 month notice (notice will be published on this site) or without notice during extra-ordinary circumstances. Although, during past years this offer has never been withdrawn.

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