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  • Who can buy property in Italy? I'm British/French/Polish/American/Russian etc., can I buy?"
    Anyone with money can buy property in Italy.
  • Does property ownership in Italy automatically make me an Italian Citizen, give me legal right to entry to Italy or live there full time?"
    No, being a resident in the country and owning a property are two separate matters. However, as far as we know, owning a property in Italy are grounds for 180/360 tourists visa, if you need one.
  • What is leasehold? Is it same as leasing? How is it different from Freehold ownership?
    In some European countries, Leasehold is a popular form of property ownership for fixed period of time from 12 to 999 years. In Italy, the longest residential lease possible is 30 years. For comparison of all types of ownerships please see separate page.
  • Can I extend the leasehold for longer? How much it will cost? Can I fix the price of extension in my 1st leasehold contract?
    Yes, you can extend closer to the end of current term for another 30 years and it usually cost about 50% of the price you pay for the 1st lease. If you are buying new lease, you can try to negotiate price of future extension, we can help you with that. If you are buying re-sale lease, you are buying remainder of existing lease term and adjustments of existing lease are not possible, so extension must be negotiated in the future.
  • What is the buying process?
    Please see separate page.
  • Can I make an offer?
    Yes, you can make an offer for property you like. We'll pass it onto a seller and will let you know if it is accepted within 2-12 hours.
  • Can I pay the balance with credit or debit card?
    It depends on sellers possibility to accept card payments. In most cases bank transfer to our account is required.
  • I cannot come for completion within 30 days of paying deposit, can I come later?"
    Yes, you can, but you will need to let us know. If you don't get in touch and simply don't come for completion or will not buy remotely in 30 days, you'll loose deposit paid. Alternatively, you can pay the whole balance and 1st year maintenance charges by bank transfer within 30 days of booking a property, sign all documents remotely (where possible) and then come to Italy whenever you want.
  • I'm thinking to make offer and, if it's accepted, to pay the deposit. Can I get it back if I change my mind later or just don't like the property when I come to Italy?"
    If, after reservation, you visit apartment and discover that apartment is not as described, we'll refund you deposit in full. If you have not completed purchase for any other reason (remotely or in person) within 30 days of paying the deposit, you will lose deposit.
  • Can I come and see all properties before making offer?
    Yes, you can, but we cannot guarantee availability of the apartment you like as someone can book it while you are on your way.
  • Can I live in the property or rent it out?
    Yes, you can live there yourself, your relatives, or rent it out to holidaymakers. It's 100% yours and you can do anything with it except removing walls without permission of freeholder
  • Can I buy it in two or more names? Can I buy it in the name of Ltd company?
    Yes, you can.
  • What payments do I have to make when I have bought the property?
    You have to pay ground rent, service charge and bills.
  • Do I need to find a lawyer to buy a leasehold apartment in Italy?
    For new leases, we supply an Italian lawyer who acts for both seller and buyer, and translation of Lease to English. If you want, you can bring your lawyer or your interpreter with you at your own costs. If you are buying remotely (new or resell leases), you need to find a local lawyer who will witness your identity when you are signing 'taking over lease agreement'. Usually, lawyers charge about USD10 in USA and GBP5-15 in UK for this service.
  • Do I need to come to Italy for completion to buy the property?
    If you are buying a new lease and the freeholder cannot do remote signing – yes, eventually you need to come to Italy and sign the lease. If you are buying new lease where the freeholder can do remote signing, there is no need to come to Italy for signing, all will be done remotely. If you are buying a re-sale lease, there is no need to come to Italy as all documents are signed remotely by you and your seller (as original leaseholder already signed documents in person).
  • Can you send me a copy of the lease to study before I'm coming or before I pay 1,500 deposit?"
    When buying, after you have paid for your property, you will receive original lease to study and your 'taking over lease agreement', so you will see all conditions of original lease before signing your 'taking over lease agreement'.
  • Is the Lease complicated?
    No, it is a simple lease. Main points are: you'll have full permission to live in the apartment, rent it out to holidaymakers, decorate it except removing walls, you must pay annual charges.
  • What other costs are involved in buying?
    No other costs. We charge a flat fee for our services, which is usually 1,500 Euro but is paid by the seller. On completion, you must pay: price of property (minus deposit paid) and remainder of current year's ground rent / services charge and pre-paid bills. That's it. Please note, different properties have different financial year for paying all yearly fees. When you will buy, we will recalculate the amount of fees to the next payment date.
  • I don't speak Italian, can you help me to buy furniture etc?"
    Yes, we have a permanent office in Scalea (Italy), since 1974 with English-speaking staff. We can help you with furniture, decoration, bills etc. We also have representatives with UK and Italian phone numbers who are always on-call or email.

If you still have some questions, please contact us.

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