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Our mission in Italy is to provide best services in buying leasehold and freehold property. Our experience and knowledge will guarantee the smoothest buying process of your Italian dream property.

Our website belongs to Group of companies: 

LUCKONI Trading & Investments Ltd - a UK company, specialising

in real estate and business investments in UK and EU,

and Worldwide Property Holdings Ltd - successful property management company.

To ensure that we always provide the biggest choice of properties to our clients, we collaborate with many local developers and respectful estate agents.


Meet our team 


Vlad, our Director.

Brain & Visionary. Thanks to his military background he runs tight ship! 

Experience in industry: 25 years

With our company: from start

Speaks: English, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian


Our Customer Service

They know-it-all boys and girls. Got a question? They will answer it! 

Experience in industry: varies, depending on member of staff

With our company: varies, depending on member of staff

Languages spoken: English, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Arabic, Polish

Inna, our Sales Advisor.

She's not a sprinter, she's a marathon runner - with slow start at our company she became one the best sales advisors we have ever seen! You go, girl!

Experience in industry: 6 years

With our company: 4 years

Speaks: English, Latvian


Anastasia, our Sales Advisor.

She parties hard but works harder! A perfect team player!

Experience in industry: 3 years

With our company: 2 years

Speaks: English, Latvian, Polish, Russian

Manuel, our "Bill Man" and head of Management Company

His motto: To leave no stone unturned and no bill unpaid!  

Experience in industry: 7 years

With our company: 2 years

Speaks: English, Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian


Julia, Head of our Rental Division.

Apple does not fall far from the tree. Vlad's daughter owns letting company in London, that manages our rental part of the business.

Experience in industry: 15 years

With our company: from start

Speaks: English, Italian, Russian

It's good to have friends!

Our consultants and advisors.

To stay in the loop of current Property Laws and Regulations in Italy, we always in touch with

the best in Industry: Italian Lawyers in London & Italian Consulate in UK.

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