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Buying Leasehold Property on Finance

Seller's finance is offered by some sellers on some properties. If you see property in our listings that you wish to buy on finance, just contact us and we'll ask seller about this possibility.


Main terms and conditions are listed below:

- no down payment required

- no proof of income required: finance is available to anyone

- seller may add interest to listing price in order to sell it to you on finance

- you are not liable for ground rent/service charge and bills until your finance is paid off

- you get access to the property after finance has been paid off and all maintenance payments that need to be paid in advance are cleared  

- usually, you can pay off finance earlier and get access to the property, but notice is required  

- after finance is paid off and all necessary advance maintenance payments are made, you will need to come to Italy and sign lease in person. This can be done at time suitable for both seller and buyer. However, until then, you can use your property for remote lettings  

- if you miss one payment, you will lose all rights to your property and money paid before


To apply for finance, please:

- choose the property you like from our listings

- let us know the amount of monthly payments you can afford easily

- if the seller of the property you have chosen does not sell on finance, we'll try to find another similar property that will fit your requirements and payment plan


Contact us 

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