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NEWS / Summer 2024:

- New listings added - studios, 1-2-3-bed apartments.

- Very limited viewings will be possible in July and no viewings carried out in August due to most properties are rented out in peak of season.

- 0% 12-24 month EASY FINANCE is now offered on some properties, please see listings here

Remote purchases: Buy remotely and receive up to 15% DISCOUNT! 
Get possession and start remote rentals straightaway. All necessary paperwork signed remotely.

BLM Protests & Riots update:  We have never had any BLM or religious protests or riots at our Riviera. 
This is due to 99% of population is traditional Italian community. Thanks to local Carabinieri and Police forces, we do not have murders, rapes and similar hard street crimes in our Riviera.

Coronavirus update: ​According to Italian Health Service, during peak of summer season 2020, 2021 & 2022 there were no cases of Coronavirus in any of the cities we offer properties in. From our many years experience, none of the previous viruses (Ebola, Zika, Swine-flu etc.) have made it's way to Riviera dei Cedri.
Welcome to our website! Your one-stop shop for leasehold property in Italy.

Please browse our website for large choice of studio, 1- , 2- and 3-bedroom properties in Italy being sold on a basis of leasehold.


We specialize in seaside properties such as apartments (flats or condos) and villas (detached, semidetached and terraced houses). Most of our properties are located in cities Scalea, Maratea, Praia-a-Mare, Cirella, Marcellina with easy access to the sea and town center. We have chosen this area because of it's high rental returns during highest season (particulary month of August). To find out more about this area please visit (opens in a new window) for the main tourist information.


We also occasionally get some properties for sale in North of Italy and Sicily. If you are interested in any particular city, please let us know and we will try to locate a seller who is willing to sell leasehold to you. Property search is free and agency & registration fees are only 1,000 EUR (and most of the time are paid by seller).


The buying process is fairly simple and straightforward, without any hidden agenda. What you see in our listings is what you get. Most properties have a fixed price, but sometimes sellers do accept offers, so please feel free to contact us and make and offer on a property you like.  

We hope you'll find your dream Italian property on our website and we'll make sure you get the keys to it as soon as possible!

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