We offer biggest choice of cheapest leasehold properties in Italy


All leaseholds are up to 30 years

and are easily extandable.

High rental returns.

Straightforward explanation of service charges and bills.

Easy buying process.


   1. choose your property

    2. make offer

   3. pay deposit and reserve it

   4. pay balance and receive lease


Buying Property as

easy as 1-2-3

line block

Buying leasehold property in Italy

Buying leasehold property in Italy with us is very simpe and easy process.


1. Choose the property from our listings. If you are happy with the price go to step 2. If you feel you can get it cheaper make us an offer. We'll pass it onto a seller and will let you know if it's accepted.

2. To take property off sale for 24 hrs please pay 100 GBP via this site by PayPal or by credit/debit card.

   To reserve property for further 30 days please pay £900 to our UK bank account (to do this please contact us and we'll send you invoice with our bank details)

These deposits are refundable only if you'll find property not as described in our listings. If you wish to have more information, please contact us and we'll send you more photos, plans etc. Upon receiving deposit we'll put you in touch with dedicated English-speaking sales manager who will help you to organise your trip to Italy.

3. Come to Italy and pay the balance (cash, card or bank transfer). Get signed 30 years lease at our offices with the witnessing of a Lawyer (we provide English interpreter and independent Lawyer), get keys and enjoy your new home in sunny Italy!

(Lease will be translated to your language and read to you during signing. You obviously welcome to visit property before signing.) PLEASE NOTE: as each lease for 90% consist of personal data of seller, buyer and property, we cannot send it to you prior to your arrival due to strict Italian Privacy Laws. But of course you will be welcome to study it BEFORE signing for as long as you want with interpreter (we supply one free of charge) or you can bring your own interpreter or/and Lawyer at your own cost.


How to buy without coming to Italy in 30 days: 

Please follow steps 1 and 2 from paragraph above to book your property for 30 days.

Then within 30 days transfer full balance plus 1st year service charge/ground rent (we provide invoice) and come to sign lease whenever you want. Please note: all property utility bills will be moved to your name from the date of payment.  We guarantee that if seller cannot sign the lease at the time of your arrival, we'll fully refund you all money paid.



All leases are 30 years from the date of purchase unless stated otherwise. All leases are extendable at the end of the lease for another 30 years. The price of extension will depend on property market price at that point of time.


Ground rent and Service Charge

Before buying you will know exact ground rent charge and service charge for your apartment and when to pay it. Ground rent and service charge are fixed for 30 years. It must be paid yearly in advance by cash or bank transfer to Italian bank account. Be aware: if you fail to pay ground rent and/or service charge, your lease will be anulled at the short notice (from 30 days).



In addition to the ground rent charge you need to pay bills and utilities (water, sewage, electic, tax and condominium). Usual amount of bills for an average 1-2 bedroom apartment come to about 950 euros per year. We'll let you know exact amount of most charges before you buy the property.  Be aware: if you fail to pay your bills, Italian Govenment can take action and seize the property from you.

You can pay bills yourself or bills can be paid by our offices. Cost of this service (the management) is 195 euros per year.  

On some properties most bills are prepaid for year upfront (except electric and/or gas). For these properties  management cost only 50 eur per year.  

You do not pay for major condominium works - this is taken care by freeholder.



Your can rent out your property any way you like. In Scalea usual rent for 1-2 bedroom apartment is about 1500-2500 per month of August. Other month rent varies. We suggest you use AirBnB services or similar. We organise cleaning / check-in/check-out services for all our clients and cost of it is 65 EUR for 1 bed appt and 75 EUR for 2 bed appt for each rental.


Building works and decorations

As a leaseholder you can decorate your property any way you like without any permission. Major building works has to be approved by freeholder and usually we get approvals within 2-3 days.  There is no charge for this service.


Selling the lease

You can resale your lease but new owner must sign his own lease in his name for the remainder of years on your lease at our offices. There is a charge of 1000 euros for this service payable by you.


Extending your lease

You can extend your lease for another 30 years according to the terms listed in the lease. We can assist you with extension. This service usually cost 500 euros.  Extension price is usually 1/2 price of the cost of original lease.