We offer biggest choice of cheapest leasehold properties in Italy


All leaseholds are up to 30 years

and are easily extandable.

High rental returns.

Straightforward explanation

of maitenance charges and bills.

Easy buying process.


1. choose your property

and make offer

2. pay deposit and reserve it

3. pay balance and own it


Buying Property as

easy as 1-2-3



to Riviera dei Cedri -

Southern Italian Seaside!

About Riviera dei Cedri

riviera dei cedri cedro scaleamap

Most of the properties we sell located in the cities: Scalea, Santa Maria del Cedro, Marcellina, Praia-a-Mare, Tortora (Calabria, Southern Italy) which create Riviera dei Cedri coast of the Tyrrhenian sea.


The Riviera takes it's name from unusual citrus that produced locally - Cedro (see pic below) 


While you are on property buying trip, you do have to try alcoholic liquer made from this fruit - it has great refreshing and digestive properties as well as great taste!

Distance from places of interest:


Naples (airport) - 226 km, 2.5 hrs by car or 2 hrs by train

Lamezia Terme (airport) - 120 km, 1.5 hrs by car or 1 hr by train

Rome (airport) - 5 hrs by car or 3.5 hrs by Freccia train

Milan (airport) - 9 hrs by car or 7.5 hrs by Notte train

Thermal baths of Luigiane - 91.5 km

The statue of Jesus Christ, Maratea - 36 km

Designer outlet Le Reggia - 245 km

Ski resort Sila (winter season) - 120 km

These picturesque seaside cities have been most popular holiday sea-and-sun destinations of Southern Italy for many years.


We are easily accessible by budget airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet from UK, flying to Lamezia Terme or Naples and then about 1 or 2 hrs by train or car. You can also fly to Rome or Milan and then take a direct train. Our sales representative will explain you how to get here and will help you to planplan your jorney.